Many people believe that homework is an important tool for academic and professional success. It helps keep students engaged with their educational growth when they aren’t in the classroom. There are some recent studies however that point to reasons why homework is bad. And this article explores some of these reasons to cast further light on a controversial question:

Pros and Cons of Homework

There are several pros and cons of homework that need to be considered before deciding on whether it should be done away with completely. We’ve listed the top ones here and will let you weigh in on the matter:

Homework Pro #1:

A lot of people think that homework takes too long to finish and can keep students from developing social skills. On the contrary, homework encourages network building by letting students work in groups to problem-solve. It also helps them learn how to do homework fast through the application of important time management and prioritization techniques.

Homework Pro #2:

It’s also a great tool for reinforcing the lessons learned in the classroom. By putting in the extra practice, increases the chances of recalling important information. This can prove vital when students have to take standardized exams for college admission. By getting no homework, students lose out on their to consolidate the daily lessons learned.

Homework Pro #3:

It provides an accurate measurement of educational comprehension across all subjects. When students are in the classroom they can always turn to their teachers for exam help. But by having to work on assignments alone away from the class, they are encouraged to tackle problems on their own.

Homework Con #1:

One of the first things people point to when stating why homework is bad is the negative effect it can have on a student’s health. Stressing out over deadlines, staying up late, and eating poorly can lead to a wealth of health problems, both physical and mental, that can last a lifetime.

Homework Con #2:

Homework isn’t an accurate tool for measuring a student’s comprehension. Some students don’t do well working at home but still manage to experience some level of homework stress because they feel that without completing assignments, their grades will suffer and they may be held back.

Homework Con #3:

It takes away from valuable time that could be spent exploring other facets of life. Whether it’s athletics, creativity, or networking, students need to develop other skills they may use throughout their lives. Students can’t spend all of their free time in academics and even a few free hours per day can be highly positive.

Should Homework be Banned?

As you can see the answer isn’t cut and dry. Despite knowing that homework stress is a real thing that can impact students negatively, we just don’t know enough about a life with no homework to cast away years of tradition. In the meantime, it looks like students will still have to deal with take-home assignments and they should learn how to do homework fast and the right way if they don’t want to get overwhelmed by the pressures that come with it.

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