Nursing school demands you to be at your A-game all the time. There is a lot of learning to do in so much limited time. Most nursing students experience breakdowns and burnouts at the start of their studies. Therefore, they need to figure out how to handle themselves to remain in school and be successful in their nursing career. The fundamentals of nursing study guide are simple and can be summarized into learning how to study for nursing school effectively as possible with the limited time at your disposal.

Scientific evidence exists to prove that a nurse can handle all pressure in nursing school and eventually graduate successfully. Based on the evidence, some vital nursing school study tips covered in the article will be the nursing school help that you need so badly.

“Chunking” your coursework into smaller units

Breaking down your coursework into smaller units will help you find it easier to retain what you have learned in class. You will find it easy moving between body systems and making connections of topics covered. Pharmacology alone can help you learn about drugs, their side effects, and nursing interventions. Breaking down such topics into sections and using flashcards may make it easier for you to make sense of the topic.

Studying in groups

Learning the comprehensive and extensive medical information on your own may tire you down very fast. Seeking a classmate’s explanation can make it way easier for you to understand a concept you had spent so much time reading about. Group studies can build your knowledge retention skill. If you are an online or distant learner, platforms such a Google Meet and Zoom can help you attend virtual study groups and learn more than you expected. In the study groups, learn by challenging each other to teach the rest concepts to both benefit from it all.

Change studying locations frequently

Based on scientific evidence, frequent changing of the study environment and surroundings helps you improve your performance in tests. Learning in new locations conditions your brain to easily retain vast information that you could not retain if you were seated at the same desk every day. When unable to change location, try different sitting styles and facing a different direction from the norm.

Develop a learning strategy aligned to your learning style

Some find it easy to read in the morning, while others find it easier and more productive to read at night. Determine your learning style based on your preference and what has worked for you so far. Being honest with yourself about your learning style will help you have a smooth learning experience in nursing school. Use a calendar and timeboxing techniques to help you plan your activities well. 

Develop habits that will build your focus

Once you identify what keeps you focused, you can efficiently study and understand what you are reading. Some of your classmates can be listening to music when studying and absorb what they are reading. Identify what works for you. Avoid any form of cramming or distraction once you have developed the habit that makes you more productive. Remember to have time to meditate and move around to manage the stress that nursing school comes with. You could try peppermint to gauge how well you can focus.


It may take a while before you develop the nursing habits that will make you successful in nursing school. Keep learning the nursing studying tips and try to implement them as you watch your progress. The habits formed in nursing school will mold you to a better nurse even upon completion of school. Continue learning every day, even after nursing school, as constant study elevates your intellectual skills and keeps you at your best in your profession.

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