Penis Enlargement Pills: Do They Work? Are the Results Permanent?

Almost every guy out there wishes they were bigger down there. A good number of guys have wished for their member to be an inch or longer as well as an added girth.

This explains the large number of advertisements for penis-enlargement procedures and products present everywhere.

There are so many pills (such as ExtenZe and Male Extra), penis pumps (such as Bathmate and Penomet), exercises, weights as well as surgeries that claim to help in increasing the length and girth of your penis.

However, specialists claim that there is little or no scientific support to back the effectiveness of these nonsurgical methods in increasing the penis size. A huge number of the methods and pills advertised out there are in real sense ineffective.

Below is a focus on penis enlargement pills to find out if they really work and whether their results are permanent:

Do they really Work?

When studying the effectiveness of the penis enlargement pills, you will come across a number of diverse opinions. A large number of professionals in this field will deny that these pills ever work.

However, it is possible that you would meet a person who is taking the sex pills that work for them perfectly. This will leave you wondering which the correct case is in this regard.

Most professionals do not believe that these penis enlargement pills ever work and even discourage people from using them. They cite that these pills have dangerous side effects later on and they do not have any scientific evidence to back them up.

Men’s Health magazine ran a story that claimed that none of the male enhancement products (pills, pumps and potions) work at all. The report further claimed that no pill, creams or enhancement products have been scientifically-proven to have helped in increasing the size of the penis.

AskMen on the other hand added that most supplements claim that they deliver over 30% growth when they are used. The report concluded that the only party gaining from the sale of these supplements are the companies that manufacture them.

This led to the advice to many men out there to keep their money lest they fall victims and purchase these non-working pills. 

User’s Accounts

A number of sources as shown above claim that these penis enlargement pills do not work at all but a number of men who have used them claim that they work.

These men can testify that these pills deliver great results. A number of men who have used a supplement like Extenze, which is a leading natural supplement for men, attest that it did really help them achieve their results.

One user from New York attested that Vimax pills helped him achieve powerful and much stronger erections and was happy with the pill. These pills help in improving sexual performance and boosting sex drive and stamina.

Bottom Line

Overall, we cannot say for sure if the penis enlargement pills work or not. Different people have received different results from using these pills.

The results are not permanent as the manufacturers claim and it is not advisable to rely on these pills for the long term to achieve the needed growth.