Air penis pumps vs. water penis pumps

Penis pumps have been around for a long time, with doctors prescribing the device to treat a number of conditions such as erectile dysfunction, micro penis and pyronies disease.

Why would you want a penis pump?

The most popular of these conditions that has seen many doctors prescribe penis pumps as a mode of treatment is erectile dysfunction.

For a good number of men, the use of a penis pump however has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction, micro penis or pyronies disease. All they want is just a bigger penis, more often than not, to boost their confidence when they engage in sex with their partners.

The two options

For whatever cause for the need for a penis pump, a man is left with the choice of two kinds of pumps, either a hydro pump or an air pump.

The air pump has been around for a long time and is the most popular with men who are just getting to start using pumps, Hydro pumps (such as the Bathmate and the Penomet) on the other hand are kind of the new kid on the block.

More and more men are slowly embracing the hydro penis pump, and for a good reason. It is therefore important to look at penis pumps – water vs. air pump to help you make an informed choice on the best penis pump for yourself.

Below are different comparisons between hydro penis pumps and air penis pumps that will help any man make an informed decision about which penis pump to get for themselves.

The difference

The very first and obvious difference between the two pumps is the price of the devices. The hydro pumps are far much dearer compared to the air pumps.

The air pumps usually go for a little as $ 20, making it the reason why first time pump users usually opt for the air pumps simply because they are a cheaper option as compared to the hydro pump.

This is so much unlike the hydro pumps which go for anything between $150 and $299. This makes them comparatively expensive as compared to the air pumps making them unattractive to first time penile pump users.

The second difference between the air pump and the hydro pump is the ease of use of these two pumps. Many penile pump users who have managed to use both the air pump and the hydro pump have stated that it is far much easier to use the hydro pump than an air pump.

This is because unlike the air pump which requires a user to first warm up their penis using a hot towel, the hydro pump only needs one to get into a hot bath or a hot shower which takes care of warming the penis before using the pump.

Warming up your penile before using a pump is recommended to create easy blood flow which in the long run prevents complications and injuries caused by restricted blood flow. It is also much easier to use the hydro pump because it does not need any lubrication for you to use the pump.

This is so much unlike the air pump which requires you to use lubrication for you to use the pump effectively. This makes the use of the hydro pump much easier and takes lesser time to set up and start using as compared to air pump.

Final thoughts about air vs water

All in all, hydro pumps are being adopted more and more every day. This primarily because they are more comfortable to use.

For instance, a hydro pump does not work by creating a vacuum which forces the penis to expand and cause blood to rush into the penis like the air pump does, instead, it uses water which cause a more even distribution of pressure.

This is unlike the air pump which causes uneven distribution of pressure which can result in tissue damage. The use of air restricts you to only use the pump within a certain length, pumping beyond this length leads to the buildup of edema and even tissue damage.

One therefore has constantly make sure that they do not over pump while using an air pump. The use of hydro pumps does not require you to pump until a certain limit because the pump automatically checks this and makes sure that the penis is only stretched within its limits.

As much as the use of a hydro pump has a number of advantages over the air pump, both can be used effectively to cure erectile dysfunction, pyronies disease and micro penis.

However, the hydro pump is best suited to treat erectile dysfunction while the air pump is best suited for treating pyronies disease and micro penis.